Our Business

Brother’s Screen Printing is partnered with inDesign tshirts.com.

Over the years we’ve seen our customers leverage the power of custom t-shirts to power fundraisers for their causes, passions, and projects. We’re helping customers acheive that goal!

Our customers are relying on us to come through for them. They’re putting themselves on the line, ordering custom products for a group, event, or business that’s important to them, and they need to know that we’ll deliver awesome-looking custom products on time. If we make a mistake, it has an impact…maybe a couple of kids at a birthday party won’t get to wear their shirt, and that’s a big deal to us, because it’s a big deal to you. At Brother’s Screen Printing it’s not about numbers, it’s about people!

We are proud to mention that some of our tshirts have had the pleasure of making it to some famous celebrities: Katie Perry, The Rock, Peter Facinelli, and Macgyver!

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